The best Urbex sites to visit in the world

Different from white elephants, Urbex sites are places once inhabited by a group of people and abandoned over time. Most often, these sites can be an amusement park, a historical monument or an entire city. These places called Urbex sites are one of the destinations you can visit as a tourist. What are these best places? The rest of this article tells you more about them.

Boat Chalet

The first discovery of our Urbex site takes us to Thailand more precisely to Koh Chang. It is among the abandoned sites. Bot chalet is a spring built in a cruise ship. A few years ago,U this hotel closed its doors following the deaths of a woman and a man. The interior of this site has all the assets to seduce you. You can visit it to be convinced.

Beelitz Sanatorium

Let's head to Germany to discover another abandoned site called Sanatorium. Sanatorium is a hospital located in Germany more precisely near Potsdam southwest of Berlin. Built in 19 centuries, its purpose was to accommodate tuberculosis patients. In 1916 during Hitler's reign, this site was used as a military hospital. Unfortunately, more than half of this large flat is abandoned.

Michigan Railway Station

In the USA, another Urbex site awaits us. This is the Michigan train station. Built in the early months of the 20th century, this station is nowadays abandoned despite being used until 1988. The reasons for its abandonment are numerous. The very first reason has to do with the ever-decreasing number of passengers. The second reason is the failed attempts to sell the station. Since 1975, the buildings of this station cannot be demolished anymore, as they have become a historical site.

Nara Dremland

In Japan, let's discover this amusement park that has become one of the abandoned sites on our planet. Located more precisely in Tokyo, Nara Dremland closed its doors years later due to the drastic decrease of its visitors. Despite its earlier success, it closed its doors and became one of the best Urbex sites to visit in Japan.