Where to visit in Annecy?

Annecy is one of the most beautiful cities in Haute-Savoie. Rich in natural assets, this town offers some of the best places that attract many tourists every year. Because of its beauty, charm and atmosphere, many people call it heaven on earth. What to visit in Annecy during your stay? This article tells you about some of its places to visit.

Old Town of Annecy

The old town of Annecy is the very first place you must visit when you have a short stay in Haute Savoie. This city offers you its charm through its old buildings and its cobbled streets. Be swept away by its canals and shops. It would be a real waste not to visit this town.

Thiou Canal

Satisfy your curiosity by visiting the houses and their colourful facades of the Thiou Canal. You will enjoy the best paths for your walk by also exploring all its garden. This garden offers you a very appreciable landscape as well as its small lakes. The Thiou Canal will take you to ''Le Pont Des amours'', a place very appreciated by tourists especially lovers.

The Isle Palace

Built in the 12 centuries, the ''Palais de l'Isle'' is one of the emblematic places of the city of Annecy that you can visit. With its impeccable architecture, a visit to the ''Palais de l'Isle'' will allow you to discover the history of the city. Historically, ''the Palais de l'Isle'' was used as a seigneurial residence and then the ''Palais de justice'' and finally a prison.

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is the most beautiful and cleanest lake in Europe. It is a very precious gift from the universe. In winter, Lake Annecy offers you a very beautiful charm and scenery far from the common. This lake is ideal for swimming, water sports, perching and other activities for your pleasure. Also enjoy the scenery and fresh air around the lake. Finally, you should note that the lake in the town of Annecy is a real wonder for those who visit it.