Some Activities to Do in the Verdon Gorge

Entertainment is one of the needs of mankind. For this, many people opt for several fun activities during their tourist trip. Among so many tourist sites that you can visit, the Verdon Gorge is one of the best places that offer you several activities. This article informs you more.

Randy Aqua

Rando aqua is the very first fun activity that we offer you when you visit the Verdon Gorge. This activity allows you to explore the Verdon Gorge. In the clear water you can walk, swim, float and even jump. You don't even need a rope to enjoy this activity. You will have a better memory when you choose this activity in the Verdon Gorge. But note that this activity is accessible for children who are at least 6 years old.

Rafting Activity

If you want to have a better experience of the Verdon Gorge, rafting is one of the activities you can do.  It offers you a better descent of the Verdon Gorge River to give you a better memory. This activity is also ideal when organising an EVG or an EVG.  Whether you are alone or with your family, you can practise this water sport. But you must be clear-headed to follow your guide. Before practising this activity, you need to make a reservation.


If you want an activity that requires walking, climbing and swimming, Canyoning is the one you should choose. It not only allows you to lose calories, but also helps you to have fun and visit the most remote places in the Verdon Gorge. Also, thanks to Canyoning, you have the possibility to discover the landscapes of the Verdon gorge. Further on, as you climb the mountains, you have a magnificent view of the French Alps and other natural areas of Verdon. The good news is that Canyoning is accessible to everyone.